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Would Saban Be Phins HC "IF" Marino Stayed?


Dec 20, 2004
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With Nick Sabans first draft behind him I was thinking how good it feels to be a Dolfan right now as compared to this time last year.

The bad year was just getting started Marino had came and went like a south florida cold spell, Rick Spielmen had just traded a 2nd rnd pick in '05 draft for a third string QB and then follows that up by trading a 4th rnd pick in the '04 draft to move up "1" spot in the draft, little did we know it would get a lot worse.

This year feels like a breath of fresh air, for the first time ever watching the NFL draft I had no expectations, not because of lack of faith but rather complete confidence in the person running the draft.
Even during Jimmy Johnsons time it didnt always feel right, mostly it felt like someone using Miami for personal agenda, with the selections Saban has made both in FA & draft it makes sense, everything makes sense.
I am not going to say miami's gonna win a SB because of Saban just simply that of all the people Miami could have had( Marino-Weiss-Crennell-Bates)
running this franchise, Nick Saban feels like the Right Guy.

Now with all that being said...if Dan Marino had'nt left his post with the Dolphins last year would Nick Saban be here as Head Coach?
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