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WOW...Biggest Draft Busts

Is always easy too, look back and second guess but it does make you wonder with the lineup they had too choose from. So many great names in the mix. Thank God we got Marino, didn't realize someone else had a chance too get him. I know he had a bad senior year so supposedly he went cheap. Sometimes it helps too be lucky in football in games and drafts.
That list was not that big but I would have to have Sammie Smith on there...
Ryan Leaf was not a bust! I got so much pleasure out of seeing him look like a jack@$$ on TV....
lol Tony. M is host for a Canadian football show now and he did a special on his busted career, i actually felt bad for the guy
Did you see that mock draft? Edwards 7th overall! Man that wont happen! Miami needs a RB but I would choose edwards in a heartbeat. 7th overall what a joke! Yah that will happen. Minny makes no trade and gets there player free of charge. Never will happen. I never read the rest of this for if they have Edwards seventh overall they dont have a clue!

I dont know a thing about Edwards except there are teams that want him. Even I am not that dumb! Trust me I can be dumb lol! Edwards doesnt get nowhere near 7th overall! If I was a Minny fan I would love this but to beleive it I need a few more beers!
Even I gotta admit that mock draft is pretty simplistic. I think Edwards will be gone before 7, and feel like there will be some trades happening.
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