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wow is popualr in my workplace


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Oct 13, 2003
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so as some of you know Mor911 works with me and I thought he and I were the only finheaven members here. Well looks like i was wrong. Walking around today I noticed finheaven open on 5 other computers.. :eek: thats friggen awesome! keep up the good work.. :)
We were actually thinking of blocking all sports forums (vbulliten forums) as you can't monitor content easily. My company runs the networking for Broward County Schools. Well Lets just say afew of them are still accesible, well at least the ones that i want them to be able to go to :D
Our goal is to bring workplace productivity to its knees. :vader:
well we got about 50+ people in tech support and you have about 6 people for sure. and i know of 1 patriots fan that works here that views threads here also from time to time. Maybe I should make it mandatory to have as there homepage ;)
I have two brothers who are finheaveners. One I did not even know it until I stumbled across his sons football picture in the Members gallery!!! I had to shoot him a PM and comenserate about it!

Finheaven is a movement that can't be stopped.
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