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Wupps forgot about DE!


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Dec 12, 2001
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How can Dave say that DE wasn't a priority? We have 2 DEs on our roster that saw any playing time last year, and 1 of those guys only made the feild for maybe 40 plays. Our pass rush was invisable last season, and Dave has completely ignored it. I seriously hope he has someone earmarked that will be cut June 1st because god forbid JT goes down and our starting DEs are DG and David Bowens. I also have to add that Dave's ignoring of the lack of talent and depth at LB is kind of annoying as well. Oh well I guess I am just mad because it was such an exciting weekend for every team except Miami. Maybee RW will be so effective that our D will only be on the feild for 15 mins a game.
Ummm DE and LB were considered the 2 weakest positions this year in the draft after the initial few guys. In fact only 2 LB's went off the boards in the first 2 rounds. Don't be such a pessimist. They will fill backup LB needs through FA and sign at least one Veteran DE in the next couple weeks and possibly sign another at the June 1st cuts.
Ya I agree that DE is a need position, but you don't just draft a player because he lays a certain position. If there is a better player available at a different position, you take the better player. Not too many late round DEs would probobly make our team, that's how weak this crop of players are.
Wanne said that they will add a vet. DE so they went elsewhere in the draft which makes sense when we have 2 relatively young DEs in Ogol... and D Bo
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