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Y. Bell, & The Secondary

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Jul 5, 2004
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How much of a priority do you guys think it should be to re-sign Yerimiah Bell? I know he made some plays, and I was all on the Y.Bell bandwagon, but as the season went on he made less and less plays, and looked lost at times especially in deep coverage. Anyway do you think Bell is going to be re-signed and a solid starter for us, or do you see Miami bringing in another safety, OR..... Do they put Allen at starter and just go with him and Renaldo Hill? Also where would you rank the importance of getting another starting CB this offseason. I mean if you had to rank from 1 to whatever which positions would you go and in what order, mine would be......
#1 WR(I still like Chambers, but we need a true #1, or 1a)
#2 CB(We Definitely need a good/better starter here)
#3 O-line(we could use an upgrade almost everywhere on the line)
#4 QB(I still think Daunte will be fine next season, but he's gettin kinda old)
#5 OLB(This moves up the list if JT retires, if we don't have a moster pass rushing LB/DE in Taylor then we need to get one quick, and even if he doesn't retire we still need one)

Oh, the only reason I didn't put O-line higher on the list is because they have been decent and have improved A LOT since the beginning of this season, I think with another offseason of Houk coaching them up they'd be even more improved, this line could actually be servicable.


Mar 3, 2005
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I think it should be of a priority. We could get a good backup and possible starter with the resigning of Bell.

I think that O-line, WR and CB are also our biggest needs.
1. O-line
1a. Cornerback
2. WR


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Jul 28, 2005
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I guess since our offense stinks, that is the priority.

Secondary Thoughts:
31st in the NFL in interceptions is bad. I'd re-sign Bell. Allen was a bust this year, but we're stuck with him. Hill is Average. Will Allen is average. Andre Goodman is average. I'd draft another corner.

Linebacker Thoughts:
What is the point of a 3-4 defense if you only have 3 linebackers? I mean Jim Maxwell isn't driving fear into the other team. Football is about winning match-ups. Maxwell doesn't stack up too well against Tony Gonzales.

Swap McIntosh and Carey. Move Hadnot to Left Guard. Sign a Center. Get a right tackle to compete with McIntosh.

QB: Lemon is as good/bad as Harrington. Keep Lemon. Cut Harrington. Draft a QB.

WR: Chambers had a bad year. Is he a #1 or a #2? If you can draft a WR with speed, do it. Chambers is overpaid at $7 mil next season... I guess you have to consider trading him. Booker outplayed Chambers this year. Maybe Booker's the #1 and Chambers is #2.

TE: McMichael played terrible this year. Get a Hunter Goodwin... a blocking tight-end.

FB: Was Darian Barnes better than Fred Beasley? It seems we could use a FB.

New offensive co-ordinator: the lowest points-per-game since 1967 is unacceptable. Remember 2004 when we had Doug Foerster, AJ Feeley, Lamar Gordon, Wade Smith, Taylor Whitley, No Rob Konrad? Marty Booker without training camp? That crappy team outscored this one.
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