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Zach out with 102 degree fever (merged)


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Feb 3, 2002
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Zach out with 102 degree fever

Tommy Hendricks and Scott Galyon are also out. LB spots will be thin tonight.
I guess Justin Severans will get his shot. Here's wishing the kid luck and a better game than Monday.
Yeah I just started a thread about this too. Seaverns starts tonight I think. Don't expect good run defense and take any big runs they break off with a grain of salt.
Wow I can't wait to see this it sounds good. It sounds like we're getting great pressure then on 3rd and 12 we have some sort of weird package out there that includes Scott McGarrahan, Jason Taylor dropping back in zone coverage, etc. Albert Johnson great punt return tackled by the punter called back with illegal block.
Both go 3 and out, Jay Fiedler two incomplete passes (one in which Dedric Ward couldn't get open, the other Fiedler under pressure from unnamed source) sandwiching a 3 yard run up the middle by Rob Konrad...interesting.
Would seem the Saints are testing our LDEs and LBers with Deuce. First run is to the right stopped by Josh Symonette 3 yds, 2nd run to the right stopped by Morlon Greenwood another 3 yds. 3rd down and 4 and they pitch up the middle (I think) tackled by Jason Taylor for either a loss or no gain. Punt 43 yard high hang time AJ Johnson didn't have a chance to return tackled immediately.
McMichael split out wide on right side first play. Play-fake, hits OG over the middle for 19 yards. Next on 1st down play-action again hits Ricky Williams (who still hasn't run yet) for 5 yrds. 2nd and 5 Ricky up the gut no gain. 3rd and 5 McKnight and Ward check-in...trips formation shotgun...todd wade false start. 3rd and 10 shotgun...fiedler throws an interception to the 50 yd line to Fred Thomas, intended for Dedric Ward but underthrown.

That don't sound good...
Tim Bowens is out for the rest of the game. Definitely do not be surprised if the run defense sucks tonight. Seaverns, Greenwood, Rodgers, Grant, Haley, Taylor, and Ogunleye are the base front 7.
Not good. Brooks scrambles for 4 yards, then McAllister runs for about 5-6, then on 3rd and 1 Deuce runs for 10 yards. Then Brooks throws over the middle to Deuce for 18 yards (Seaverns evidently missed his assignment and is now getting yelled at by LBers coach Bob Sanders). Saints now in the red zone. Handoff to Deuce for a couple brought down by Ogunleye. Spread formation, QB draw up the middle for a few more. 3rd and 6 at the 10 yd line...throw over the middle to Jerome Pathon and Scott McGarrahan makes a "beautiful" TD saving breakup at last possible moment. FG Saints up 3-0
So far the heroes of the defense are Scott McGarrahan, Jason Taylor (who is getting pressure and making tackles like a linebacker), and...well...I guess thats it. Maybe Sam Madison and Pat Surtain because Joe Horn is awefully quiet....
1st down at 26, the interior OL paves the way for a Ricky Williams 8 yard run (WOOHOO!). 2nd and 2 Ricky runs up the middle for a 1st down. WOOOF, Fred Thomas makes a great play and breaks up a pass intended for Chambers on the right side (Chambers beat him and Mandich says Fiedler coulda hit him if he would have went over the top more). 2nd and 10, pass to the left side for 11 yards to Oronde Gadsden, timing pass (OG was on Ken Irvin...a gimme according to Mandich). 1st and 10, off I formation Ricky Williams catches it in the flat and gains about 5 yards (I think). 2nd and 5 from NO 46....Rob Konrad goes in motion to the left with NOBODY covering him could have had a wide open first down, but Fiedler locked up on Oronde Gadsden, underthrows to Fred Thomas who intercepts it AGAIN.

Boy this does not sound good for Fiedler...
Just how bad does Fiedler look!!!

Are defense is doing well considering Zach, TimBo and Chester are not playing.
I'm just using this thread as my own personal playground to do the play by play, then I'll have a reference for when I get to see the game.

It would appear that it was a monumentally bad decision by Jay Fiedler, as Rob Konrad went into motion and ended up having NOBODY follow him, and Jay could have thrown a quick hitch to him for an easy first down but instead Jay locked into his target Oronde Gadsden, and threw a pass behind Gadsden, who had the inside edge against Fred Thomas, however the poorly thrown ball was easily intercepted. D'OH!!!

First down over the middle pass to Eddie Boo Williams, 3 yards (everything happening over the middle of the field abusing Seaverns because he's starting). Run to the left for a few yards Deuce. End of first quarter. This would be 3rd and 4 at the 50 yd line, 3 WR formation complete pass to Deuce McAllister but flag is down...false start offense. 3rd and 9 shotgun, under pressure to the left in danger, rolls to the right in danger again and he throws it away. It appears the formation was D.Bowens, Jason Taylor, J.Williams, and...not sure who else but they were crawling ALL OVER Brooks.

Punt it out AJ Johnson with a 27 yard return yet again, but Toby Gowin catches up to him and knocks the ball loose....dolphins recover. He's gonna regret that in the locker room (punter makes you fumble???). Man I gotta say I'm really impressed by AJ Johnson's returning tonight he's broken 2 good punt returns, one called back on a penalty that didn't have much to do with anything, and the other one ended with a fumble (can you say Jeff Ogden? d'oh) but still impressive. His kickoff return was 26 yards too.
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