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Dec 12, 2001
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Palm Coast
ZACH THOMAS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Zach was

huge in this game The first 4 and goal at the 1 stop on Smith was an un-#@$#%$-believable LB'ing play. :D
Re: i didn't see the game..............

Originally posted by dolfan06
but my son told me, from the replay, atlanta scored!?
if you had to guess if Christian scored at the end of 4th quarter, you would guess that he did; but there were no replays that you could see the ball and his knees at the same time, so they did not overrule the call on the field. Chamber fumbled on the 1 and the Falcons recovered with 9 seconds left in the 1st half and then we scored. Maybe we had to wait to the 15th game for a little luck :cool:

BTW - the hit I was referring to was Zach's first 4 and goal from the 1 stop on Mo Smith in the 3rd quarter where he just launched his entire body and stopped him without even tackling him. but just from the sheer impact of the hit. :eek: :D

i just saw the replay on the news, my son taped the game and watched it slo-mo several times and he said atlanta scored on the last play.:confused:
the evidence was inconclusive :goof: :eek: :lol: since they could not see Christian's knees thru that sea of bodies.
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