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Zampese/Carmichael News!

Don't know anything about him, John. Maybe Chris can vernture into this forum and give us a heads up him. :wink:
Like many coaches or for that matter any specialized job, you want people around you that you are comfortable with. Shula and JJ did that well though Shula was certainly willing to give a new guy a try. Wannstadt did it a lot but unfortunately his "friends" were not always very competent! Wise as Oline coach comes to mind.

The first clue I had about Saban came from an article just after he was hired that said a number of coaches who had worked for him before were refusing interviews. Made me go hmmmmmmmmm? Turned out we should have noted that in his interview doesn't it?

I think Zampese shows promise and could be a good catch but he may be reluctant not to call plays. I think that may be short-sighted on his part because after Linehan tried it last year and gave up the play calling to the OC around the tenth game, I suspect Cameron may do the same thing.

At this point I would like to see Zampese looked at for OC and Carmichael for QB coach.
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