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May 23, 2005
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Jacksonville, FL
Im sick of seeing NFL players suspended and in trouble. I don't care to hear about chances. Make it a true Zero tolerance policy and if someone uses Drugs or commits a violent crime they should be done for good. In the military if you use any drug illegally your done, no questions asked. If you hit a woman you would get counceling and a severe punishment that would essentially keep you un-promotable until your contract is up.

If the players union wouldn't support this I would be for a policy that doesn't suspend a player but reduces his maximum allowable salary to league minimum until the end of his current contract and doesn't allow for contract extensions. The teams should still pay the same amount for the players but all money above the league minimum would be donated to a charity designed to end or prevent the behavior, this would keep the salary cap hit the same for their contract.

Additionally owners need to be held accountable for players actions financially, automatic fines against the team in the millions. Loss of draft picks should be automatic when a crime is committed by a "Professional" football player.

If they come hard and are committed to this a few players would get axed but eventually they would come onboard.
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