Zim's Grades for the Titans Game


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Aug 9, 2005
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QB -- D- -- Another bad outing by Tannehill. No pocket awareness whatsoever. His accuracy is way too inconsistent. The only reason he doesn't get an F is because he's playing behind the worst OL in football.

RB -- C- -- Ajayi didn't look bad today. He ran hard when he got the chance. Drake with a bad drop that hurt.... But he played well after. Williams had a long play. Not too bad.... Could have been better..... But the RB's play behind the worst OL in football.

OL -- F- -- WTF WAS THAT???? Are you kidding me? Ja'wan James would be considered the worst Lineman in the league, but luckily for him he has Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner on his team. All 3 are an absolute joke and should not be on ANY NFL roster EVER. Another sub par job done by our F.O.

DL -- F -- Again, we were gashed by the running game and got 0 pressure on the QB. Marcus Mariotta looked like Tom Brady today.

LB -- F -- Does anyone know if we actually have LBers on this team? Not one drive changing play by any of them.

DB -- D- -- The only reason this unit gets a D- is because of Jones and Lippett. Maxwell is a disaster. Lippett actually played well today. We are wasting Jones' career. Sad.

Special Teams -- C -- Jakeem! I love watching him play. Other than that. Nothing great.

Coaching -- F- -- Gase is a genius? Really? The left side of your OL is out in the pregame and we rolled Tannehill out once? Really? Turner is terrible and we don't put a TE in to chip for him? Vance Joseph continues to play off coverage on 3rd downs. I guess he's really not that smart either.

It's gonna be a long season guys. The only good news is we're gonna be picking very high in the draft. Top 3 pick in the draft.
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