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2017 draft

  1. j-off-her-doll

    J-Off's 11th Hour Draft Special Part 1: Position Rankings/Summaries for Miami

    Evaluating the positions, after evaluating the individual talent, gives you an idea of what to expect heading into the draft. Teams draft for need. So, high-caliber players from position of abundance fall in the draft when teams need players from weaker positions. The goal is to illustrate which...
  2. j-off-her-doll

    J-Off's Board V1

    Today, I'm posting players who I graded in the top-5 rounds. I'll also post a list of players who are absent from the board - due to missing physical tests, me needing more info, or me just needing to watch the player. I included each player's tier in parentheses. My hope is that this makes it...
  3. utahphinsfan

    just another mock draft

    rd player pos School 1 Walker DE Fla St 2 R McMillan ILB Ohio St 5 Jarwin TE Okla St 6 B. Allen G/C Mich St 7 Dielman OL Utah Dielman played both Center & Tackle and if the name sounds familiar his cousin (Kris) played OL for the Chargers.
  4. Quadfather

    Is it too early for a 2016 NFL draft, Re-draft? Next year?

    How many teams are kicking themselves right now for not taking Laremy Tunsil before the dolphins took him at 13th overall? In a redraft you would have to put him at 2nd overall right? I put him at 2nd because Carson Wentz has done so well, I just don't see a Left tackle taken over a franchise...
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