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2018 nfl draft

  1. j-off-her-doll

    J-off's 2018 Draft Special: Miami's Need/board By Draft Pick

    After narrowing down Miami's needs, I ordered the positions by top-10 contract value. The idea is simple, but many overlook it. Let's look at 2017's 11th pick, Marshon Lattimore. He makes just under 4M per year - almost 10M less than the average top-10 CB contract, and he certainly was one of...
  2. j-off-her-doll

    Predicting The Future With J-off

    Thin margins The draft is kind of like politics. While everyone argues and calls each other idiots, we tend to agree much more often than we disagree. We just take for granted the players/areas in which we agree. So, we look for little differences that will transform into big differences - or...
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