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  1. jimlerario

    Jalen Ramsey CB2? + Photos from M&T Bank Stadium

    Biggest Evaluation Today: Ramsey should not play the left side, CB2, 100% of the time. X went down and was subbed for Apple who played horribly, as CB1, on the right. Watching live in section 142, row 11, both my brother and I noticed how the Ravens did not throw or look left all game and Ramsey...
  2. M

    A what would you do at 13... No Apple, only 1 QB taken

    Just a hypothetical what if... one that I think could happen, but not likely... top 12 picks tunsil, goff, ramsey, jack, bosa, stanley, hargreaves, buckner, conklin, apple, elliot, lawson... We're at 13 what do you do here out of curiosity. Wentz is available, do you take him as possible trade...
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