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  1. S

    Finheaven Big Board

    Disclaimer: I don't know if this type of thing is done on this site by someone else. If it is, they can take over this thread and I can step aside with apologies. Anyway, with the draft two weeks away I thought it would be a good idea to create a composite Big Board using all members' posts...
  2. j-off-her-doll

    J-Off's Board V1

    Today, I'm posting players who I graded in the top-5 rounds. I'll also post a list of players who are absent from the board - due to missing physical tests, me needing more info, or me just needing to watch the player. I included each player's tier in parentheses. My hope is that this makes it...
  3. j-off-her-doll

    Top 32 1st Round Big Board

    Top 32 Group 1 1. T. Carradine DE Florida State 2. D. Jordan OLB Oregon 3. B. Mingo OLB LSU 4. S. Floyd DT Florida 5. S. Lotulelei DT Utah 6. S. Richardson DT Missouri 7. D. Milliner CB Alabama 8. C. Patterson WR Tennessee 9. T. Austin WR West Virginia 10. X. Rhodes CB Florida State 11. C...
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