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brent grimes

  1. number1fin

    Ride Along: Brent and Miko Grimes
  2. T

    How long before enough is enough with Miko Grimes? Can we trade Brent?

    Miko Grimes @iHeartMiko · 34m34 minutes ago Stupid ass idiot ass Dolphin fans! When will u learn i can say WHAT I WANT just like u can? And if this doesnt apply, then im not tlkn 2u. Miko Grimes @iHeartMiko · 36m36 minutes ago Hey @MiamiDolphins i think u forgot to mail my check...
  3. phinasota

    Brent Grimes Lookin Good So Far

    If Brent Grimes is as talented as I think he is, if he has recovered from an Achilles injury the way it seems he has, then the Miami Dolphins have the shut down cornerback they so badly need...
  4. Da GODfather

    How good is Brent Grimes?

    Just saw that the Miami Dolphins have signed him to a 1 year deal worth 5.5 million. I haven't really seen him play, as I don't usually watch Falcons games. I've seen a few highlight videos via youtube but you can only get so much from those, after all they are HIGHLIGHTS. Does anyone have an...
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