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  1. matt11390

    how do new FA deals for other players impact Landry and Jones

    We all know about Antonio Brown's new deal. He is a different kind of receiver than Landry. Now, Eric Berry is finalizing a 6 year 78 million dollar deal. Jones isn't Berry but he's really good ... top 5 in my book. Now that some of these top players are being signed how do you think it will...
  2. Phinfan99

    Nice artical on TE Les Brown

    i can across a nice read on the les brown that we just signed alittle bit ago. idk if this has been posted already or not but i thought i would share it. enjoy
  3. Sofla328

    Ronnie Brown Feels like an ex girlfriend

    watching the NFL Replay of the eagles/ravens game, and watching ronnie run gave me a really weird feeling in my gut. the best way to describe it is when you first break up with a pritty serious girlfriend and then see her soon there after with another guy. Thats how it felt for me watching...
  4. W

    3 back system

    I feel we will have to use 3 backs in this offense, with reports of Bush or the interest for a scat back like a Sproles/D. Williams we are going to probably use 3 backs. If we sign either Bush / Sproles, they will fill in third down back/scatback/returner. Now going by Miami's last couple years...
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