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  1. Kdawg954

    8-12-18 Training Camp Day 11

  2. matt11390

    WR Battles in Camp

    There's been a lot of talk about the battle with our LB's this summer. And so it will be exciting to watch. But we also have an intriguing group of WR's that will be battling for roster spots this summer. I think the top 4 we can all agree on. Those are Parker, Landry, Stills, and Jennings...
  3. matt11390

    Final 53 thoughts

    I know it's early ... in fact it's way early. But when looking at the training camp roster it's not hard to get a good idea on the final 53 roster. I would say 41 to 43 positions are locked barring a bad injury or trade etc. Some key positions that will determine the final spots are as follows...
  4. Geforce

    James Walker: Dolphins rookie minicamp observations

    I found this the most interesting of James Walker's observations. This also was the first glimpse of the Dolphins' new offense under Lazor. The Dolphins used a lot of different looks and formations on the first day of rookie camp -- and it was probably just a small portion of the playbook. The...
  5. Blake the great

    Ryan Tannehill Training camp highlights thus far

    You're welcome.
  6. number1fin

    Official Training Camp Countdown Thread We are 7 days away from the highly anticipated start of Training Camp. I wanna know what your expectations are? Who you think will surprise? And who you think will disappoint? Plus give...
  7. Dolph N.Fan

    8/9 Training Camp Recap.

    Through Omar's eyes: Full report here: Not looking good for Polite and Sheets apparently. I also wouldn't be surprised if Merling is traded during the regular season. Overall Dolphins seem to be a lot more active, creative, and exciting on offense this year than last season.
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