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  1. Kdawg954

    Final Roster Thread

    Currently at 53. Will keep updated. Cuts thread will be used for that purpose. Active Roster (53): QB (2) - Fitzpatrick/Rosen RB (5) - Drake/Ballage/Walton/Laird/Gaskin FB (1) - Cox WR (6) - Parker/Stills/Wilson/Grant/Williams/Hurns TE (4) - Gesicki/Smythe/O’Leary/Myarick OL (10) -...

    League Wide Cuts Thread (non-dolphins)

    1. Why? Is there injuries? 2. Does he give us depth?
  3. matt11390

    Guesses on the final 3 cuts due before Tuesday

    TE Gray CB Pitts RB Thomas A RB needs to go and Thomas is a clear choice. TE is a disaster and no way Miami is keeping 4 of them. The third cut I'm going with Pitts just don't think he makes it on the 53 would like him on the PS though.
  4. Kdawg954

    KD's 53

    QB(2) - Tannehill/Moore I understood giving Freeman a shot and MBT seems like a "system" guy . . . but pretty clear this is our QB setup this year RB(4) - Miller/Williams/Ajayi/Gillislee I think LeMike lost it on that fumble tonight combined with Jones resurgence on the returns and Gilly's...
  5. Kdawg954

    Post your Final Roster & Practice Squad Projections

    So we've seen our beloved Dolphins through over a month of camp and 5 preseason games and final cuts are due by 6 p.m. on Saturday. Who do you think makes the roster and who do you believe is worth developing on the practice squad. Here is my projection: Offense (25) QB (3) -...
  6. matt11390

    Cook traded to Dallas?

    I saw on the cut list of all teams that Miami traded Ryan Cook to Dallas. Anyone have info or can confirm this trade?
  7. matt11390

    Green Bay cuts

    Looks like the Packers decided to keep all their TE's. Can't believe they kept 5:crazy: Was hoping one or two would get cut and Miami giving them a look.
  8. Kdawg954

    The Final 50 and 3 spots that Miami will target when cuts are announced.

    Here We go: QB - Henne/Moore/Devlin RB - Bush/Thomas/Johnson FB - Hilliard HBack - Clay TE - Fasano WR - Marshall/Bess/Hartline/Gates/Wallace OL - Long/Incognito/Pouncey/Carey/Colombo/Murtha/Garner/Feinga DL - Starks/Soliai/Langford/Mcdaniel/Odrick/Merling/Baker LB -...
  9. P

    Why have not cut anyone?

    What is going on with that? Who most likely will Be cut?
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