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  1. BenchFiedler

    Crazy the Browns had these two- McDaniel and Shanahan

    McDaniel spent the 2014 season as wide receivers coach for the Cleveland Browns. In his lone season there, wide receiver Andrew Hawkins had a career-high 824 yards. Undrafted rookie Taylor Gabriel had 621 receiving yards, which wound up being the second-highest total in his six-year NFL career.
  2. Built2Win

    What Is The Possibility Of A Big Name Coach Coming To Miami?

    The odds seem slim i know. But Ross has money and i know he wants to at least show dolphin fans he is on the right track. The raiders broke the bank for Chucky. They gave up way too much but at least their fans have optimism moving forward. Could a potential big name be lurking under the radar...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Someone Has To Get Fired Tomorrow

    After this humiliating loss to the Ravens, someone has to be held accountable. We got dominated in all 3 phases of the game. I'm sure Ross the businessman is all about making money and he knows that stadium will be empty next time the Dolphins play at home. I don't care if it's the Asian...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Rich Gannon on Dolphins - It’s embarrassing

    I think he has some valid arguments here... Maybe we don't have the right players for this system or maybe we don't have that much talent which would mean that we can't draft for ish!!!![/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
  5. BenchFiedler

    The Real Problem of 2014 Dolphins - Consistency

    There is no doubt that we have the talent and we showed up to play against the big boys (Denver, GB) and almost beat them. But this team is not consistent enough. Sometimes I watch this team, mostly after the Chargers game, I thought we had something special going on down there in Miami. I...
  6. BenchFiedler

    How much Power Does Philbin Have???

    I was just wondering if he has power to stop/change a play from his coordinators? We did call a timeout on the last GB touchdown, and to have your worst cover LB on their most athletic TE had to be a mistake. I'm wondering if Philbin agreed with the formation or he had no power to change that...
  7. BenchFiedler

    Offense Still Predictable (even without "GO GO GO")

    Unless teams have studied the dolphins' offense during the preseason games, Patriots and bills game, there are reasons to be concerned. I noticed that opposing defenses are always making the right calls when we run or pass. It it a coincidence? Brian Hartline makes this offense also...
  8. Built2Win

    Not really impressed with Mccoy looks like Cam Cameron all over again..

    1st) The guy is unproven. :crazy: 2nd) The broncos offense was so so..:crazy: 3rd) If not for the miraculous Tebow 4th quarter comebacks by the grace of god the Broncos would have had a losing record because of the offense. For 3 quarters of games the broncos offense looked worse than the...
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