Not really impressed with Mccoy looks like Cam Cameron all over again..


Jul 22, 2010
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1st) The guy is unproven. :crazy:
2nd) The broncos offense was so so..:crazy:

3rd) If not for the miraculous Tebow 4th quarter comebacks by the grace of god the Broncos would have had a losing record because of the offense. For 3 quarters of games the broncos offense looked worse than the dolphins. :crazy:

4th) The offense might actually take a step backward with this hire. Dolphins were one of the highest yardage per completion teams with a backup Qb.

5th) GOING after harbaugh was the right thing to do at the time and now that san fran is wining is a testament to that. If you cant get the man you wont don't settle for less.
Keep the status quo if you have to till you find the perfect fit..:hump:

6) Mike Mccoy is this the best the dolphins can do really? :crazy:

7) So we letting Ireland decide who is the next head coach as this was his choice.. :crazy:
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