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dolphin drama

  1. dolphinron

    Ping pong replaced

    Per Adam Schefter, "Full size Air Hockey game has been brought in locker room to help team morale". Team captains agreed hi energy hi speed paced puck will help defenders especially with tracking Justin Jefferson routes and speed..
  2. Mindtornado

    Rebuild Rejected

    Oh wiser than wise Admins and Mods, Is it possible that the Front Office has muffed our greatest opportunity to build the Fins into perennial contenders? Is it possible that we’re going to have to blow this up and start again in 1-2 years? I am not sure my Finheaven membership will survive that.
  3. BenchFiedler

    Gaffney This, Gaffney That.. How about Marlon Moore???

    First of all, this guy is one of the better special teams guys in the league. His speed is very underrated and he showed that he can get open when given the opportunity. Like Philbin said, we have to develop our own guys and turn them into superstars... I know Moore is inconsistent but he...
  4. Built2Win

    Not really impressed with Mccoy looks like Cam Cameron all over again..

    1st) The guy is unproven. :crazy: 2nd) The broncos offense was so so..:crazy: 3rd) If not for the miraculous Tebow 4th quarter comebacks by the grace of god the Broncos would have had a losing record because of the offense. For 3 quarters of games the broncos offense looked worse than the...
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