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The Real Problem of 2014 Dolphins - Consistency


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Aug 22, 2004
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There is no doubt that we have the talent and we showed up to play against the big boys (Denver, GB) and almost beat them.

But this team is not consistent enough. Sometimes I watch this team, mostly after the Chargers game, I thought we had something special going on down there in Miami. I still think we do but this team is so damn inconsistent.

But after the Jets game and today's game, I think the leaders of this team (Tannehill, Wake, Vernon, Grimes, etc.) are not consistent enough. They don't perform at the same level game after game.

We beat the Chargers by moving Tannehill around with designed bootlegs using his athletic ability. Bill Lazor completely removed these plays from his playbook and now the O-line is getting exposed big time. Lazor also has to be more consistent with his play calling.

At last, Kevin Coyle is not ready to play a chess game with a good offensive coordinator. You could see how today the Ravens studied our tendencies and Coyle had no answers for them.
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