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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    What should our first play be?

    It seems pretty clear the team that wins the turnover battle and controls the run game should win the game tonight. I’m sure we can all agree that Mike McDaniel has to find a way to get our run game going tonight and he absolutely can’t abandon the run at any point as long as the games close...
  2. BenchFiedler

    2019 Dolphins will be Fun to Watch

    Besides the O-Line, how do you really feel about Parker (when not injured) and Preston Williams line up with Grant and Wilson in a 4 WR set? How about the improvement of Gesicki and Ballage? Let's see how Baker and Fitzpatrick improved on defense with Jones playing his true SS position. Also...
  3. VaPhinatic

    O And D Rankings As Of 10/1

  4. BenchFiedler

    Very interesting Analysis on Dolphins vs Panthers Very detailed explanation on Matchups, weaknesses, and strengths. Apparently the defense has issues stopping that pitch to the left... Enjoy!!! I wish we had these kind of sports writers in Miami. Unfortunately we have Omar :-(
  5. BenchFiedler

    Truth about the O-Line

    I believe that with Tannehill being a dual threat QB (run/pass), opposing defenses must have a LB all the time spying the QB. That leaves 1 less defender to stop Ajayi and this is probably one of the reasons Ajayi went to his 1st pro-bowl last year. He was not as effective with Moore in at QB...
  6. motormouthmaz

    NFL and Police to further investigate the Landry Domestic Violence Incident

    Jesus this will not go away. The NFL likes to flex its muscle and show the players they hold all of the power. They keep dividing the lines more and more. This is scary as I think landry did not do anything but godell loves showing the players who there "daddy" is...
  7. miamidolphins83

    Bring Branden Albert back to play LG

    Alright...maybe left field or maybe a brilliant idea. Let's bring another guy out of "retirement." Larsen is out for most if not all of this season and we have a glaring hole a LG. We broke BAs heart sending him to the Jags. Bring him back if he agrees to play LG next to Tunsil at LT. Would be...
  8. Kdawg954

    Jay Cutler Press Conference: Says he was cleared in March in regards to surgery.
  9. uk_dolfan

    Cutler agrees to sign for fins

    Bummer. Tho I suppose all the options were crap Personally I would prefer to roll with Matt Moore and pay him a hell of a lot less I already miss Ryan :( this sucks
  10. Kdawg954

    J2O / J Squared - The Jay(s) Train Bandwagon Thread

    Awwww Yea!! (Feel Free to Mute)
  11. uk_dolfan

    Tannehill injury updates - no structural damage

    We do not need 50 threads about this. Keep it (and updates) here: I will update the thread title when we know more. Personally I suspect that they are just being cautious, but its a big scare UPDATE!!!
  12. j-off-her-doll

    J-Off Pounds the Table - Offense

    Quick note, the point of this exercise is to find value. When I say that a player is worth selecting in the 3rd RD, for example, it doesn't mean that I would target him in the 3rd. By building a list of players I like better than their projected slots, the hope is that some of the players fall...
  13. BenchFiedler

    What Can this Team do Right???

    We CAN'T stop the run We CAN'T run the ball We CAN'T stop the pass We CAN'T stop rookies We CAN'T stop TE's We CAN'T read plays We CAN'T fill the stands in a stadium
  14. F

    Key to winning... Spread offense?

    I'm sure most of you noticed the difference in our offense after theach first half. First half had Tanny under center as well as in shotgun with some more classic dink and dunk miami offense pass plays. Second half showed Tanny primarily in the shotgun formation with Drake or Ajayi next to him...
  15. BenchFiedler

    How Many More Coaches that Tannehill will Get Fired???

    This is a disturbing trend, not blaming Tannehill for the Dolphins miscues but since Tannehill came to Miami, I can count at least 10 coaches (OC, DC, Head Coach) that got fired since he started at QB. I think that Vance Joseph will be the next one to go in a few weeks even if he has nothing to...
  16. BenchFiedler

    Kenny Stills INVISIBLE During Training Camp

    I really like what Kenny Stills did with the Saints but this is probably not a good idea to keep him around. I'm hearing positive feedbacks on Carroo, Landry, Grant, Parker and nothing on Stills except some drops. This is "deja vu" from the 2015 season. Maybe that chemistry with Tannehill...
  17. N

    Given the athletic talent, our offense should have been explosive this year

    Kenny Stills 47 yd deep ball in stride TD DeVante Parker 38 yd leaping TD Jarvis Landry jukes the...
  18. BenchFiedler

    Rich Gannon on Dolphins - It’s embarrassing

    I think he has some valid arguments here... Maybe we don't have the right players for this system or maybe we don't have that much talent which would mean that we can't draft for ish!!!![/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
  19. BenchFiedler

    How to Beat buffalo!!!

    Last week, we saw how New England was able to come back and win the game.. So how do we beat Buffalo On Offense 1. We need a QB - Check ✓ 2. We need a running game - Not check 3. We need a TE to keep their defense honest - Cameron injured - Not check 4. We need WR to win one-on-one battles -...
  20. BenchFiedler

    Reasons for Improvements on Offense

    I think the #1 reason the Dolphins are showing improvements is because we know who our starters are. For 3 games now, we used the same starters on the O-line (minus Albert), WR,'s, RB's and TE. Take a look at teams who are still experimenting trying to find starters: Patriots don't know their...
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