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  1. VaPhinatic

    Hull & Brendel Designated To Return From Ir

    Currently practicing. They should return after week 8. No one else currently on IR can return now! I assume we will cut T Sam Young or C Wesley Johnson and LB Martrell Spaight to make room but only time and injuries will tell who they cut.
  2. miamidolphins83

    Bring Branden Albert back to play LG

    Alright...maybe left field or maybe a brilliant idea. Let's bring another guy out of "retirement." Larsen is out for most if not all of this season and we have a glaring hole a LG. We broke BAs heart sending him to the Jags. Bring him back if he agrees to play LG next to Tunsil at LT. Would be...
  3. jreg1

    Thoughts on guard and linebacker.

    Do you guys think we are going to turn to the draft for guard and linebacker or will we get one of each today or soon in free agency?
  4. matt11390

    Where's our OL improvements?

    Miami has spent 3 days on the chaotic deal with Philly while cutting some players and signing Williams. That's all good but if they don't shore up the OL IMO everything else will be for nothing especially after losing Miller. Miami needs two starting guards. I have read about Boone being favored...
  5. number1fin

    4th round pick Jamil Douglas highlights
  6. utahphinsfan

    another how to fix the OL post

    In post 28 (link below), I had a few suggestions., Following up, the OT in later rounds could be Moses from UVa or Henderson from Miami. It won't surprise me...
  7. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Drafting O-Line

    Warmack and Cooper will both be pretty good in the NFL. If one of them were there at 12 would you want Miami to pull the trigger or no? Remember guard is a position of need and although it may not be a sexy pick it sure as **** does make our team better.
  8. matt11390

    Remember Hadnot & Thomas?

    Was looking through KFFL's listings of FA's and found that Rex Hadnot of the Chargers and Donald Thomas a of the Pats are both FA's. interestingly they both played 16 games for their clubs which means they are contributing much better now than when they played here. Looking at their size and...
  9. matt11390

    Don't be mad if Miami goes guard with this next pick

    James Brown, Guard from Troy is sitting there.
  10. matt11390

    Don't be mad if Miami goes guard with this next pick

    G Troy Brown is in the top 5 of best available players. This is a need. We shall see. Just a warning.
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