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hard knocks

  1. Geforce

    Hard Knocks on NFL Network

    The first episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins airs tonight at 10:00pm eastern with the replay airing on Tuesday at 2:00pm eastern. Sunday night, July 21st, NFL Network will be airing a marathon of the Hard Knocks episodes starting at 7:00pm eastern then re-airing of...
  2. snake eyes

    Is it just me or did anybody else notice we have a lot of Coaches with Boston Accents

    I couldnt help but notice it. I know its really a stupid thought but I kept thinking about the freaking Pat's while these guys were talking. It was pissing me off a little. LoL
  3. Free

    ESPN still hating

    Been listening to ESPN Radio for most of the morning and they've been avoiding Hard Knocks. Hardly talking about it. The spent hours talking about Rex dropping F bombs when the Jets were the featured team but now that it's the Dolphins it's a nonstory.
  4. W

    Confirmed Dolphins on Hard Knocks -- Here we come!!!!

    http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2012/5/29/3050392/dolphins-hard-knocks-hbo @OmarKelly "It's a great opportunity to connect with out fans,"Philbin. "I told our team, last time I checked we'll have cameras on Sunday afternoon." @BenVolinPBP Philbin says Hard Knocks is "A chance for us to show a...
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