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  1. ojmcduffy

    wth nfl incognito wasn't that bad

    Ok so Ritchie Incognito bullys a 300llb offensive linemen, and he is the scourge of the league. Incognito get suspended indefinatly while the media turns it into the biggest scandal to hit sports. He was demonized, and verbally beaten down by every commentator in the media. It was huge media...
  2. number1fin

    Fox Sports exclusive interview and coverage on Incognito/Martin saga
  3. kingfin23

    Best read for truth by Lydon Murtha.

    Incognito and Martin: An Insider’s Story By Lydon Murtha I don’t have a dog in this fight. I want that to be very clear. I played offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins from 2009 until the 2012 preseason, when I was released after tearing ligaments in my foot and injuring my back, both...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Worst Part of Rookie Hazing? Monetary or Psychological

    After hearing the NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, etc.. I think Martin may have left because of monetary obligations towards the team. Do you think rookie hazing from crazy haircuts, to pranks, to carrying equipments on the field can really affect a football player who in my opinion football is the...
  5. 5

    Time Served for Incognito?

    Riley Cooper never even missed a game for use of n****, will Richie get time served and be allowed back? Ive seen the Herald report that he will never play a game, but comparing to that situation it seems similar. I guess it depends on how many voice mails.
  6. Kdawg954

    The Starting Point to all of this? So over a year ago, the first story regarding both Martin and Incognito actually appeared: If this is such a "common thing" why are we in the news for it last year in...
  7. number1fin

    Idiot Houston Texans radio host goes off on Hartline and Incognito

    Link to full rant below
  8. Kadiddlehopper

    NFL fines Miami Dolphins' Wake, Incognito

    Linebacker Cameron Wake was fined $15,000 for roughing the passer, when he hit Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer in the head and neck area.,0,1786804.story
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