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The Starting Point to all of this?


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Apr 14, 2006
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So over a year ago, the first story regarding both Martin and Incognito actually appeared:

It's the LAST tab you'd ever wanna pick up -- a bill for a lavish steak dinner consumed by the heavyweights on the Miami Dolphins offensive line -- but Monday night, several unlucky rookies did just that ... and it cost 'em $7,400.

All told, there were 10 players at the dinner at Prime One Twelve steakhouse in Miami Beach -- fresh off their Sunday night victory over the Bengals -- meaning the average cost per head was $740.

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito tells us, they ordered practically everything on the menu -- including Wagyu beef, which runs $35 AN OUNCE ... in addition to a full array of appetizers, expensive wines, and of course ... lemon drop shots.

Incognito tells us, the guys go out for dinner several times a year as a bonding experience -- and it's a tradition to make the rookies pay for one of those meals.

We're told the rooks split the bill based on their salaries -- which means starting right tackle Jonathan Martin paid the most

If this is such a "common thing" why are we in the news for it last year in addition to this year. What is really going on down there in Davie?
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