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  1. VaPhinatic

    WR/TE/RB vs. Scheme/Coaching/QB

    I came the realization last night that I have no idea who the TEs are for Seattle. Not sure they were ever mentioned during the game. Then I started thinking about the skill position players in the Super Bowl: Seattle Skill Positions: Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse Ricardo Lockette, and Chris...
  2. VaPhinatic

    What happens to Hickey....

    Let's say the Dolphins miss the playoffs next season (knock on wood!) and we fire the coaching staff. What happens to Hickey? Philbin is not his coach/mistake. I know it depends some what on his drafts and free agents. Does he stay on and get a chance to hire his own coach or are we starting...
  3. Geforce

    30 NFL Teams on Hand for UM Pro Day

    Thirty of the NFL’s 32 teams were represented during Thursday’s Pro Day in Coral Gables, including Hurricanes legend and Green Bay Packers scout Alonzo Highsmith, former UM standout Rob Chudzinski of the Indianapolis Colts, former UM and current Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd...
  4. Kdawg954

    Mike Sherman vs. Jeff Ireland: If you could only get rid of one, who would it be?

    Just curious to see who the board despises more :lol:
  5. Kdawg954

    The Starting Point to all of this? So over a year ago, the first story regarding both Martin and Incognito actually appeared: If this is such a "common thing" why are we in the news for it last year in...
  6. SkapePhin

    Post Game Victory Speech Phlbin still using cue cards. Speaking from the heart! :bobdole:

    Putting Stats Aside, Are the Phins Really being Outplayed, Yet Finding Ways to Win?

    Are the Phins really being outplayed? I think that depends on how one defines outplayed, since we certainly outplayed the Colts and the Falcons in the 2nd half of both games. Otherwise, we could not have won those games. ******* Football is a 3 phase game. I think a team that executes its...
  8. N

    Philbin, WCO, 174 lb Tavon Austin..

    I know that Tavon Austin is an exciting prospect. But he's unusually small for a WR (174 lbs). Has Philbin ever used a sub-180 lb WR as a starter? In the past 20 years, has ANY super bowl west coast offense used a sub-180 lb WR as a starter? Because if Tavon Austin would just be a...
  9. Kdawg954

    Coaching Hypothetical: RT starts, struggles, Fins down at Half . . . What do u do?

    So it's pretty simple. With the success a healthy Matt Moore played with last week and with the Dolphins seemingly going the route of Ryan Tannehill this week (who looked a bit inaccurate prior to getting hurt last week) . . . if Miami comes out flat on offense, Tannehill struggles and they are...
  10. snake eyes

    Vonte still a big loss.

    Great win i loved it but I do fear a good quarterback will have a field day with the secondary we presently have. They are leaving receivers too wide open. Hope Philbin has a plan.
  11. j-off-her-doll

    The Oakland Game, The Jets Game, and Where I See Miami

    First, I'm excited by the win. All Power Rankings (that I saw) rated Miami as one of the bottom 3 teams in the league. Many had us dead last. Well, the worst team in the NFL doesn't knock heads the way Miami did yesterday. Coaching is a big deal in this game, and as the year unfolds, we'll see...
  12. Dakota Fin

    Head Coach Impact on Players

    Having not played football beyond a little in Jr. High and HS, how much direct impact does a head coach have on players and their development? Do they have more impact or is that really on the assistant coaches? Philbin seems like a great coach but how much does he really directly affect the...
  13. snake eyes

    Philbin already 1 million times better than Sparano!!!!

    Are you watching the jets game? Holy Crap its like re living a nightmare! Its like watching the old miami dolphins all over again. I love what our new offense offers even if it takes a while.
  14. snake eyes

    Joe Philbin has impressed me so far!

    I have heard so much about Joe's personality. "He's not head coach material" "He's too soft" "Too disengaged" But I disagree. One thing that really put it into perspective for me is when he was talking about the death of his son on hard knocks. It it were me I would probably be weeping...
  15. snake eyes

    I dont have HBO so I have a question about Philbin for you hardcore guys

    On 790 right now They are talking about how Philbin reminded them of Cam. They are saying that the players dont fear or respect him and Chad is an A hole. Not the latter is probably true but what are you opinions on the new Coach and Staff? Thanks.
  16. 5

    Offensive Strategy

    I love how our offense is going to play this year. On the outside, we will run Hartline, Naanee, and Gates on the outside. Big, Tall, Fast guys. Will make plays downfield, comebacks. They will be our BIG WRs. Hartline- think Jordy Nelson Gates- James Jones In the slot, Miller, Bess, Egnew...
  17. snake eyes

    Dont forget free agency round 2.

    A lot of you guys act like if we dont get it in the draft we wont get it. There will be more trades and acquisitions made this summer. I believe Philbin when he says he has a plan. Most guys drafted end up bagging groceries in Publix after a year anyway.
  18. snake eyes

    Looks like our Front office is taking some cues from The Pats: I like it.

    If you cant beat em join em. Protect your QB give him time to get it to a giant tight end or two. It's worked well for the Patriots. It looks like Philbin really has a plan.
  19. BenchFiedler

    Why Blame Ireland if Philbin wants to buid through the Draft

    I remember before the start of free agency that Coach Philbin said that he wanted to build through the draft. - We are not signing any Impact players NOT because nobody wants to join the Dolphins. ... I think this just continues what Philbin said with building through the draft. If in that...
  20. snake eyes

    "If"...If the dolphins are in fact low balling Flynn I cant blame them

    Matt Cassel, Sage Rosenfels,Kevin Kolb,A.J. Feeley, Ok you get the picture. Teams gave these guys, at least most of these guys big money and they took a steaming crap all over the field. So I cant blame the dolphins for trying to not make the same mistake. However they can create a contract...
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