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  1. N

    Jeff Ireland works for New Orleans, which explains the Ellerbe / Kenny Stills trade

    Jeff Ireland was the one responsible for giving Ellerbe a $35 million contract back in 2013. Moves like that are why Jeff Ireland got fired from Miami. Now Jeff Ireland is in New Orleans, with a stubborn determination to prove that he was right that Ellerbe is a star LB. So he pounded...
  2. N

    Dolphins are better simply cause Ireland, Sherman, Daniel Thomas, Egnew are all gone

    A great deal of dead weight has been removed from the team, and we can now have a fresh start.
  3. Kdawg954

    Tony Sparano weighs in on the "Jeff is Gone" news

  4. Perfect72

    Hope and concern: Miami Dolphins Hope and concern: Miami Dolphins The Miami Dolphins finished the 2012 season with a 7-9 record. Here are the biggest reasons to be hopeful and concerned about Miami heading into the offseason: Reason for hope...
  5. PhinNation

    Should he (Ireland) stay or should he go?

    Curious to know what everyone at thinks about Jeff Ireland. We posted a story today outlining why Jeff Ireland should not return as Dolphins GM next season. Thus far, 89% of Dolphins fans want him gone. What do you all think?
  6. utahphinsfan

    Ireland will NEVER be the Worst GM As long as Jerry is GM, the underachieving will continue in North Texas. Apparently, Jones learned nothing from the late Al Davis about being too hands on.
  7. phinasota

    MERGEDX1000: The official sky is falling and everyone sucks thread

    There are plenty of decent stop gap receivers available RIGHT NOW. If I was GM, and im pretty sure i speak for a majority here, ppl would be reading headlines about us signing deon branch cuz the patsies just cut him or plax burress or gaffney or something... i dont get this idiot...:boohoo:
  8. Quadfather

    Its not Jeff Ireland..Its Joe Philbin

    Before we start to run off a cliff here about the maddening moves by the dolphins, or lack thereof any moves...Lets just take a look at how the Green Bay Packers franchises operates. We can all agree that the Packers franchise is one of the classiest, well thought of and well run franchises in...
  9. VaPhinatic

    Why is Ireland part of interviewing Fisher?

    I was thinking about it -- Fisher can go to St Louis and possibly Indy/SD and handpick his GM or at least have final approval over players. What if he says to Ross, "I want final approval over player selection (draft and FA) and the active roster." Is Ireland going to sit there and give up...
  10. SkapePhin

    Front Office Evaluation: How many position upgraded since 2011?

    At how many positions have they upgraded since the 2007 roster? From the list below, it looks like they have upgraded basically every position, except for QB, which is even. 2007 OPENING ROSTER Quarterbacks 9 John Beck 10 Trent Green 7 Gibran Hamdan 17 Cleo Lemon Running...
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