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  1. Geforce

    Dolphins to play in London in 2016?

    Simon Clancy ‏@SiClancy Dolphins to play in London in 2016 again? Strong rumours it will be Miami @ Cincinnati at Wembley. This will make it 3 years in a row but this time...
  2. number1fin

    Does OV prefer Messi or Ronaldo?
  3. N

    Miami Dolphins: NFL London Questionnaire

    Hey Dolphin Fans, looking for 5-10 more responses to this questionnaire! Don't worry about format, just trying to gather some more information from your fan base! Appreciate the replies so far! NFL London: A study of consumer behavior in the United States in regards to the presence of the NFL...
  4. N

    Fans who have or will be attending a Dolphins game in London

    Hello Dolphin Fans, I am a U.S resident currently pursuing an MBA degree at the University of the West of Scotland. I am in the process of gathering research for my dissertation, which is focused on consumer behavior in the United States in regards to the presence of the NFL in London. In...
  5. Daytona Fin

    Dolphins headed back to London in 2015

    Read more here: Armando also added that, the NFL has told teams if they want to be considered to host a Super Bowl they must be prepared to give up home games by playing in London.
  6. TarHeelFinFan

    Official Roll Call: Dolphins vs. Raiders @ Wembley Stadium, London, UK

    My tickets arrived from Ticketmaster earlier this week and I am getting pumped! Who else is going? Is anyone aware if there are any kind of pre-game Dolfan festivities?
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