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Miami Dolphins: NFL London Questionnaire


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May 18, 2015
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New Hampshire
Hey Dolphin Fans, looking for 5-10 more responses to this questionnaire! Don't worry about format, just trying to gather some more information from your fan base! Appreciate the replies so far!

NFL London:

A study of consumer behavior in the United States in regards to the presence of the NFL in London​

I am distributing this questionnaire with the intention of gathering data relevant to the presence of the NFL in London. The questions presented have been formulated in order to analyze the thoughts and opinions of NFL fans in the United States who support the NFL and/or teams who have played or may potentially play regular season games in London.

Thank you for taking the time to take respond and contribute to my research regarding the NFL in London.

1.) To begin, could you please provide your gender and age?

2.) Where are you currently living?

3.) How often do you attend Miami Dolphin games?

4.) How often do you watch Miami Dolphin games?

5.) On average, about how much do you spend when attending Miami Dolphin games and what do those costs consist of (i.e. tickets, transportation, parking, concessions, merchandise)?

6.) How do you feel about the NFL scheduling regular season games in London?

7.) What are your thoughts on the possibility of a permanent NFL franchise in London?

8.) The Miami Dolphins have played 2 games in London (2007, 2014) and have a third game scheduled for 2015.

  • Did you or will you attend?

(If Yes)

  • Describe the experience of traveling to London to watch the Miami Dolphins play?

  • How long was your trip and where did/will you stay?

  • Could you give a brief summary of how you spent or plan to spend your days in London (modes of transportation, food and drink, sightseeing/other attractions)?

  • Would you return to London for another game? Why or why not.

(If No)

  • What was your main reason for not attending the Miami Dolphins game in London?

  • Did you watch the game on television or any other media outlet?

  • Overall impression of the game from what you saw?

  • Did watching or reading about the game increase your desire to travel to London for a Miami Dolphins game, if they were to play again?

9.) If the Miami Dolphins were relocated to London how would you react?

  • Would you still support them?

  • Would you travel to London to see them play or wait until they played in the United States?

Thank you again for taking the time to participate and contribute to my research.
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