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    X's and O's - the misuse of Mario Williams

    Stumbled across this feature by NFL Network on the team site awhile ago and didn't see it posted. Great film breakdown of how Mario was very misused under Rex Ryan's D in Buffalo - it makes me believe he will be much more effective this year. (also discussed if Mario is actually an upgrade...
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    Rex Ryan: Mario Williams gets 'everything he wants' in Miami

    BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Mario Williams did not hide his feelings last season that he wasn't thrilled with his role in Rex Ryan's defense. The once-feared pass-rusher was used more often in coverage than in previous seasons, and his production (and effort, in some cases) slipped as a result. Weeks...
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    Bills fire DL Coach Dunbar - Mario Williams effect?

    The article talks about the decline of sack totals for the Bills D to second fewest in the league - I didn't realize how far the ENTIRE defense slipped last year. Just reading this gives me far more...
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    Strip sack fumble = bad play call by the Miami coaches

    1) We're leading, 3 minutes left, our running game has been going well, our passing game has been plagued by turnovers, seems like an obvious time to run out the clock. 2) Mario Williams is one of the best in the game. Tyson Clabo is one of the worst in the game. 3) We call a dropback...
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