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  1. snake eyes

    Marshall vs Nana. I know lots of posts about this but I want to show you the #s!

    Ok those of you who will bash me just know this I love it. Im kind of a sadist that way. Now looking at Marshall we all know how productive he was and is, but when you look at NaNa not only do you have to question this team for keeping him but Why the hell he is even in the NFL still. If I...
  2. number1fin

    Brandon Marshall predicts Superbowl win/birth Are "Da Bears" better than the Packers? I think not!
  3. 5

    Richard Marshall comfortable at CB, safety

    New starting FS??
  4. Kdawg954

    Jeff Ireland in a Positive Light I'll say this, Jeff Ireland has taken a beating between this whole Peyton Manning ordeal and Free Agency, and you know what, when you miss on draft picks consistently and lose value on a...
  5. 5

    Is Richard Marshall our plan for FS?

    IMO it seems that Marshall is the cheap route for us at free, and it provides lots of depth.
  6. snake eyes

    Marshall did drop more passes then he caught last year.

    he was a bit of a pain and unpredictable. Quite the stabbing victim too.
  7. smokin ricky

    Brandon Marshall and his love affair for Cutler

    Hey yall, I live in Chicago and listen to Waddle and Silvy ESPN Radio 1000 and you should hear how much they are creaming their pants over a Cutler and Marshall reunion. So Waddle was in Hawaii on the show and they were asking him questions such as "Think you can handle the cold weather?" and...
  8. dreday

    borderline beast trailer
  9. N

    Brandon Marshall: 'My wife did not stab me'

    Marshall sticking to his story Brandon Marshall told Broward state attorney investigators late last month that his wife did not stab him in a late April domestic violence incident. Marshall checked into...
  10. dreday

    Comparing marshall & bess to the best of the rest

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