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  1. 13finfan4ever

    Keep the push for Vets on the O-line

    We may draft a few O-Linemen but i think we need to go after at least 2 more vets for the Line. with about 30 million in cap space left we should be in good position to sink about 12 million more into some vets on the line. take 3-4 million to a corner and save 8 million for the draft. then...
  2. jimlerario

    Why Brent grimes?

    For 5.5 mil a year when there was Namdi out there who signed for less than 2 mill plus many other cb were on the market
  3. matt11390

    PFT tidbits This article has a couple of interesting things dolphins related. It speaks to the lack of money Sean Smith actually got and that Keller is posting a logo on his twitter. But his logo is not Ellerbe's logo but the one most of us think...
  4. matt11390

    New cap space?

    After our three signings and the Dansby cut how we looking in cap space?
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