Keep the push for Vets on the O-line

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by 13finfan4ever, Mar 14, 2014.

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    We may draft a few O-Linemen but i think we need to go after at least 2 more vets for the Line. with about 30 million in cap space left we should be in good position to sink about 12 million more into some vets on the line. take 3-4 million to a corner and save 8 million for the draft. then use the rest, say 6-7 million to extend some vets so the cap looks better next year and we can keep moving in the upward direction. if we make that happen we can draft the best available rather than need.
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    Philip Wheeler Dannell Ellerbe and Brian Hartline payments are just horrible. Brandon Gibson too..... what awful decisions. expensive decisions
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    I still remember the response on Finheaven when we resigned Hartline...

    "Cool. I'm happy we kept him and rewarded him for great play."

    (5 minutes later)

    "Wait, we are paying him HOW much for HOW long? Unless he becomes the next Wes Welker this contract seems a bit crazy. Hope Jeff Ireland knows what he's doing!"
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    I think the smart move/necessary move is not so much to get two new guards but to get a new tackle. Whether or not that's a RT or a potential/future LT is up for debate.

    Albert will get hurt again. Look at his track record. Now James is coming off injury and was not really special for a first rounder anyway. We cannot afford another year of being with a quality tackle, let alone two.

    Someone needs to evaluate whether to not James can move inside to guard. Sometimes average tackles become PB guards.

    Sign Mitchell Schwartz and kick James inside or a better long term scenario.....

    Draft a starting LT like Ronnie Stanley. That serves more purpose. He can play RT right away while James goes inside. He can also play LT when Albert gets hurt and when he eventually leaves. If Albert gets hurt again this year he will be cut next off-season. No one wants to see us draft an o-lineman but it would certainly be smart.

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