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salary cap

  1. pacresjt

    Veteran Exemption??

    I was reading Miami has asked for a new rule regarding veterans. I’m not sure exactly what they are asking for? It got me thinking that a lot of Veteran players such as Frank Gore who can still contribute don’t get spots because there is only so much room. I say this, if a player plays 10...
  2. Kdawg954

    Kdawg's Extremely Early 2018 Dolphins Roster/Cap Projections

    I am going to attempt to throw a little something (or a lot of something) together to give an idea of what the team might be doing in the offseason and maybe more importantly, how will they get it done. Obviously many of these are subjective but I will try and be realistic as possible while...
  3. miamidolphins83

    Salary Cap question and IR?

    It seems like a foregone conclusion that Ryan Tannehill will go under the knife and be out the entire season - especially with the signing of Jay Cutler. If Tannehill is put on IR does that put his $20 million this year back into the cap? Can anyone guide me through what that would mean for...
  4. 13finfan4ever

    Keep the push for Vets on the O-line

    We may draft a few O-Linemen but i think we need to go after at least 2 more vets for the Line. with about 30 million in cap space left we should be in good position to sink about 12 million more into some vets on the line. take 3-4 million to a corner and save 8 million for the draft. then...
  5. Perfect72

    Hope and concern: Miami Dolphins Hope and concern: Miami Dolphins The Miami Dolphins finished the 2012 season with a 7-9 record. Here are the biggest reasons to be hopeful and concerned about Miami heading into the offseason: Reason for hope...
  6. U

    Ireland should shop Moore

    I really have been calling for this since we knew he wouldn't be the starter. Devlin has shown he is ready to take the back-up roll (which will further advance his development in practice) and soon injuries will likely have some teams around the league looking for a QB. If we can get a pick or...
  7. nolefin

    we could save almost 12 mill buy cuting these 6 players

    1.bell 4.35 mill 2.mcdaniel 3.0 mill 3.garner 1.45 mill 4.clemons 1.30 mill 5.cook 1.01 mill 6.culver 850k we already have 13m in cap space add this 12m to it and we have roughly 25m in cap space. need about 7 mill for rookies so we got 18m for free agency, this doesnt count restructuring long...
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