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  1. BenchFiedler

    Are we really Missing Mike Nolan???

    I agree that Nolan is a good DC, his blitz scheme is very complex and the Dolphins Defense was Top 10 during his tenure in Miami...... Negative - Inability to cover the TE - I can understand we struggled a whole season with this, but Come on'.. How come he was still not able to figure out a...
  2. snake eyes

    The Real reason Bowles got the nod over Nolan.

    Ross knows he is not going to use any coach on staff next season. He is so sure of this fact that there is one glaring reason I can think of why he went to the untested young bowles over Nolan. Cuz he is black. Now Ross can get the NFL requirement out of the way to interview a minority coach...
  3. snake eyes

    Fire Sparano. Skip over Nolan and Give interim to Dabol.

    Nolan hasnt proved he deserves it with the crappy defense play. Dabol wont be around next year but at least he will have the offensive reigns to maybe NOT go for field goals all the time. Ok let the bashing begin.
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