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  1. igor79

    2017 #MetLifeTakeover Video

    Just wanted to share with you guys the video from our annual #MetLifeTakeover. I hope most of you guys know by now but the takeover is the party we throw for the Dolphins at Jets game every year. It started with about 30 of us and then 70 and then 200 and then 750 and we have had around 1000...
  2. igor79

    A Video To Remind Us Of The Good Old Days (Two Weeks Ago)

    The New York City Dolphins Fan Club - Dolfans NYC has been getting a lot of press recently after our huge tailgate at the Jets game. If you don't know Stephen Ross came to our tailgate and it seems a lot of cool things have been happening since then. We have raised close to $1500 for hurricane...
  3. letsgodolphins

    NY Bar for Dolphin fans?!?

    Unfortunately, I can't make it out to the game but I will be traveling from Miami to NY this weekend and would love to watch the game with some DOLFANS! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! FINS UP!
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