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  1. D

    Loving this whole turn receivers and put them at other position strategy

    Tannehill and Lippett are paving the way for receivers that want to play other positions. Hope the other players on the team regardless of position start looking elsewhere for work. Can't wait until the entire roster is filled by guys who played receiver in college.
  2. matt11390

    WR Battles in Camp

    There's been a lot of talk about the battle with our LB's this summer. And so it will be exciting to watch. But we also have an intriguing group of WR's that will be battling for roster spots this summer. I think the top 4 we can all agree on. Those are Parker, Landry, Stills, and Jennings...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Trade Hartline and a 4th for A. Johnson

    I know that Hartline is a very reliable receiver for # 17, but we are loaded at receiver and Hartline does not provide something special like the speed of Mike Wallace. I can put Hartline in the same basket as Gibson and Landry almost same size and speed and very solid receivers but not game...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Gaffney This, Gaffney That.. How about Marlon Moore???

    First of all, this guy is one of the better special teams guys in the league. His speed is very underrated and he showed that he can get open when given the opportunity. Like Philbin said, we have to develop our own guys and turn them into superstars... I know Moore is inconsistent but he...
  5. snake eyes

    I think we need to bring back 7/11 even if he cant block!

    Put him on the out side and hope for the best. Also go out and find anybody on the street who is 6'5 and catch. Go get anybody!!!!!! oh yeah and fire Ireland.
  6. snake eyes

    Marshall vs Nana. I know lots of posts about this but I want to show you the #s!

    Ok those of you who will bash me just know this I love it. Im kind of a sadist that way. Now looking at Marshall we all know how productive he was and is, but when you look at NaNa not only do you have to question this team for keeping him but Why the hell he is even in the NFL still. If I...
  7. snake eyes

    Preseason is over the season starts next week. NOW your looking at receivers?

    The entire world knew the minute we let Brandon Marshall go that we had NO receivers. So mini camps go by, training camp goes by, the entire preseason goes by and NOW Idiot Ireland gets serious about Receivers???? Yeah yeah, dont tell me about other teams releasing receivers and this is the...
  8. snake eyes

    Is Plaxaco still available?

    If he is is he not worth a tryout? He is giant and has giant hands!!!!!
  9. number1fin

    Receivers praise Ryan Tannehill for velocity, accuracy of throws If, and it's a big IF, Ryan Tannehill shows in camp that he is the more accurate QB out of the three, then you must start him. His decision making will only get better...
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