running backs

  1. Built2Win

    Running on fumes the saga continues..

    O Line woes continue as running backs struggle to get 2 yards.. We seen this movie before "the never ending story of running into a brick wall" Question? How much do you put that on the running backs or the blocking up front? Who should be let go in favor of upgrades? When Pouncey comes back...
  2. abNORMal

    Miller and Thomas: Worse running back duo in Team History? Like Sammy Smith Bad!!

    I cannot recall when we had two running backs this bad. Not Benny Malone, not Gary Davis. not Hubert Ginn, not Bernie Parmalee, not Don Nottingham, not Norm Bulaich, not Tony Nathan, not Irving Spikes, definitely not Delvin Williams, not Reggie Bush, Karim Abdul Jabbar, not Lamar Smith, (maybe...
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