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1 More day......Make your Official Picks here


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Apr 20, 2005
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Make you first and second round picks here

1. Cerdic Benson/Ronnie Brown

2. Chris henry/ Johnathan Goddard
1. Alex Smith/Ronnie Brown at #2 or trade down at #5 Brown/Cadillac
2. Josh Bullocks /Arrington
Okay...I'm going to take a stand on Smith vs. Brown. I think I like Brown just ever so slightly more. I'll go with:

1) Ronnie Brown
2) trade down for more picks (ideally two third rounders)

If we stay where we are in the second, I'd like OL help like Elton Brown if he somehow falls or a center.

I like the idea of getting Chris Henry, but I think he's going to fall to the 3rd.
and in the 3rd I say Adrain McPherson/Ronald Fields
Trade down:
1st pick:Caddy or Brown
1st pick:Elton Brown or Best LB or DT
Cedric_Benson said:
What posistion is Arrington?
and what college did he play at?

he's a RB and played for Cal, he ran a 4.4 40
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