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2nd day players I would like to see come to Miami


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Dec 12, 2001
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Here is my short list of players still available that would look great in aqua and orange.

Tackle: Matt Hill-Boise St., Reggie-Coleman Tenn., J. Gonzalez-Miami

TE:Terry Jones Jr-Alabama, Tracy Wistrom-Nebraska, Tim Stratton-Purdue, Justin Pele-Oregon

Guard: Martin Bibla-Miami, Eric Heitman-Stanford

DE:Alex Brown-Florida, Jarvis Green-LSU

LB:Trev Faulk-LSU, Scott Fujita-Cal

CB:Keyou Carver-Nebraska

For Miami's top pick in the 4th I am hopeing for Alex Brown. He would make alot of since as a OLB to add the pass rush from the edge that Miami has been lacking. I would also love to see Miami move up for a 2nd pick in the 4th to get Carver. He would be a great to have as a dime back and return guy. I also want Bibla or Matt Hill in the 5th and Tracy Wistrom in the 7th.
not sure about trading up for Carver, but he was a top CB: http://www.nfl.com/draft/2002/CB_ratings.html

6. Keyuo Craver, Nebraska (5-10 3/4, 201, 4.56 on turf)
Had a complete workout at the combine. Performed 13 strength reps, had a 31-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot, 3-inch long jump. Ran 4.50 and 4.62 at the combine. Was a running back in high school. As a senior, he rushed for 3,024 yards (11.2 avg.) and had 50 rushing touchdowns. Had five interception returns for touchdowns. Also was a four-time Texas state champion in the triple jump. Played as a true freshman in 1998. Started the past three years at left corner. I think Craver needs to play at about 190 pounds for him to be most effective. Rated the top cornerback prior to his senior year (2001) and did not have a good year. Has very good athletic ability with good quickness. Was good in coverage and playing the run prior to the 2001 season. Needs to play better techniques and keep his weight down. Wish he was a little taller  he looks short.
I forgot to mention Victor Rogers T Colorado. He at one time was beleaved to be a first round talent. He could add great depth at T for us.
I like Pig Prather because of the ring to his name. Hahaha

I bet you could come up with some pretty witty nicknames for him.
Players to watch tomorrow.....

There are some players I will definately hope we choose tomorrow with a few of our picks......

QB: Rohan Davey, LSU
RB/FB: Najeh Davenport, Miami
TE: Randy McMichael, Georgia; Darnell Sanders, Ohio State; Robert Royal, LSU; Keith Heinrich, Sam Houston State
OT: Victor Rogers, Colorado
OG: Qasim Mitchell, Noth Carolina A&T; Ed Tu'amu, Utah
DE: Kenyon Coleman, UCLA; Jarvis Green, LSU; Michael Josiah, Louisville; Carlos Hall, Arkansas
LB: Trev Faulk, LSU; Courtland Bullard, Ohio State; Kevin Bentley, Nothwestern
CB: Keyuo Craver, Nebraska; Tony Beckham, Wisconsin-Stout;
S: Marquand Manuel, Florida; Ramon Walker, Pittsburgh
P: Travis Dorsch, Purdue; David Zastudil, Ohio

Hopefully our picks will include some of those players
I don't like CB Craver. He's been my personal pick for "bust" since January. Highly overrated. And now it's showing. He just doesn't have the speed to start IMO.
You forgot Alex Brown, but a lot of talent made it to the second day. Watch Davenport be selected in the first few picks.
Day 2!

Alright guys, this is the day we actually enjoy. It may be day 2 but we got 4 picks today and we only had 1 yesterday. I am looking more forward to today than yesterday. I think we are on the clock in 15 picks. Good Luck Wanny!
Well I am looking forward to the first pick in the 4th. Won't be following the rest because the chances of getting a starter from the 5th on are pretty much nil to none.
I don't think any draft pick except McKinney will start the season as a starter. But we can get some backups who will fill in once the injuries start coming. Also remember, we still don't have a punter. A good chance that we draft Zastudil or Dorsch in the 5th round. Also, if we drafted a guy like Ramon Walker S Pitt, he might contend with Arturo Freeman for Brian Walker's old job.
Freeman's a lock for the safety job. Wanny's been grooming him for 2 years and was ready to let him start last season.

Anyways I was half expecting the 4th round pick to be a backup :)

I just don't see much chance of the 5th rounders making the team so I can't get excited enough to even see who they pick until I read it on the Sentinal later :rolleyes:
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