50 years & 50 moments


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May 5, 2007
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Hey all,

I just posted an article that talks about 50 memorable and unfortunately not-so-memorabel moments in Dolphins history. It's a 50 page slideshow and is not simply pictures on each slide. I am currently battling a Dallas Cowboy site for pageviews this week and I told him that Dolphins fans can step up. So basically I opened my mouth and need to step up myself...LOL.

If you get a chance this week check it out and feel free to leave comments about it. We figure that PhinPhanatic.com will need about 100,000 pageviews this week to knock them out so any help, promote on twitter, facebook, whatever would greatly be appreciated. I also have a new mock draft coming out on Thursday morning if anyone is interested in those early types of things. :)

Thanks again.

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