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A Pure 7th Draft Choice (unconditional) For Green...ogden Next?


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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello From RAINY SOUTH FLORIDA.... Well....it was not a real good day to be evalutatng Quarterbacks and Receivers today....as it pretty much rained here all afternoon.

I stopped by practice today for just a little while.....and I saw the Dolphins really work on short yardage passing drills....many screens and short hooks....and skinny posts.

SAM SIMMONS finallly made something of himself today...as he had a nice TD pass catch....literally taking the ball away from JAMAR FLETCHER...who was right there...but lost the battle.

There were many drops out there...from as little as I saw...as once again....it was only JAY and RAY handling the QB duties. I am really beginning to think now....that the Dolphins have decided that both KUSTOK and LEVCIK are not ready to help this team...in any way shape or form this season. Its possible they may be looking to add a veteran QB shortly....within the next week or so..after this first cut.

There was good and bad news today....as we all know that DAVID BOWENS was the bad news with that hand fracture....he will be out until at least opening day.

The good news today I thought....was the trade we made....getting an UNCONDITIONAL 7th rounder for T CORNELL GREEN....who I said last night....for whatever reason...was taking most every snap with the first team defense. I would bet there was definately a scout there last night....from the BUCS front office...who watched GREEN all night. This was very odd to me.....that neither of SPRIGGS or SMITH were working over there in WADE's absence. Hence the word.....SHOWCASING. The bait was GREEN...the Dolphins talked this guy up for sure....even though they darn well knew he was out of the OL picture. I thought by trading GREEN today....and getting a true, pure 7th rounder...was a terrififc and unexpected move. Now...can they do it again?

This weekend....the 7th round showcase showdown features BOB BARKER pointing to the likes of JEFF OGDEN and EARNEST GRANT....the next two items up for bids. We all know that OGDEN is returning kicks this weekend...and he will be playing a whole lot.....probably the same for GRANT on the DL. Once again....scouts will be reporting back to their teams on DOlphin personnel...and who may be available. And hopefully again....the DOlphins will have another 7th rounder...and then maybe even another. My feeling is that if you can pull one off for CORNELL GREEN....then you probably can pull at least another one off...particularly for some veteran help...like GRANT and Ogden.

Someone has to confirm or not....but I have lost track just a bit on the deals that sent CADE Mcknown and JJ JOHNSON out the door to SF and CLEVELAND. Did we not get 7th round CONDITIIONAL or UNCONDITONAL 7th round picks for those guys?

I mean right now.....we need a score card on just how many 7th rounders we have or could have right now..... and it could be even more....in the next week or so.

Stay tuned everyone....the DOlphins Showcase SHowdown in TEXAS....is next...right here on CBS....
Both guys Cade and JJJ, were for conditional 7th rounders. They're both injured and about to possibly settle with the team an injury settlement. Whether or not we get the two 7th rounders, I think has a lot to do with their injury settlements or something.
I heard that we will get the pick for JJJ. I heard they put him on IR.
Did you hear anything about the PLAYERS-ONLY MEETING that went down on Saturday??
My understanding from a game announcer while I watched the SF vs Skins game was that SF liked Cade and he has to have surgury and they will put him on the IR list to keep him for the future.

Yea Muck I read the article on this one..Players only meeting..They wanted to straighten out any problems from a mental standpoint on the field..ie, lack of concentraction.
I originally heard that SF liked Cade McNown, then I heard that they soured on him possibly due to the injury. They may just settle.

I think when all is said and done we'll have 4, 5, maybe even 6 draft choices in the 7th round. Whoopeee....our 6th and 7th round draft choices have sucked the big one. We did alright with one out of three 5th round picks (Arturo Freeman vs Omare Lowe and Shawn Draper). 6th round has been terrible I think with guys like Rick Crowell (unless he was a 7th), Ernest Grant turned out to be solid but now he's trade bait, Brandon Winey, Sam Simmons (who has done nothing as of yet in TC), Otis Leverette, and I forget who else.

None of them have done anything worthy of note. I think of them all Grant had the most playing time followed by Leverette who we tried to hide on the psquad but couldnt because everyone knew about his ideal size for DE.
It would be nice if we can package together 3 of those 7th rounders and see if we can move up to maybe a 5th...But even if we keep all of those picks...all we need is one of those to be a "diamond in the rough" that we can polish...:evil:
There are a number of 7th and even undrafted players who have been solid. There also were good players picked in those rds by teams other than us.

We can get some good depth and maybe even a guy who can start eventually for us. Take a shot on a few OL with those picks and see if we can get a guy who will help us. Or as previously noted trade them for a player or better pick.

CK for the last time Sam Simmons was a 5th rd pick! Not a 6th as you continuously say. Just letting you know.
I could have swore Omare Lowe was our 5th round pick, Simmons our 6th.

For a 5th round pick Simmons sure does suck a lot...
These are our repertoire of picks since Wann-Spiel took over. Notice a significant drop between the 4th and 5th round...

1st Round: Jamar Fletcher (looks like a continuance of the Jimmuh era with our 1st round picks heh)

2nd Roudn: Todd Wade, Chris Chambers (probably makes up for 1st round inadequacies)

3rd Round: Travis Minor, Morlon Greenwood, Ben Kelly, and Seth McKinney (if it weren't for Ben Kelly we'd be battin a thousand in the 2nd and 3rd rounds!)

4th Round: Deon Dyer and Randy McMichael (obviously the day to regroup keeps us drafting well in the 4th too).

5th Round: Arturo Freeman, Shawn Draper, and Sam Simmons (noticable dropoff from the 4th round even though Arturo is good)

6th Round: Rick Crowell, Brandon Winey, Ernest Grant, Josh Heupel, and Omare Lowe (scrub city)

7th Round: Jeff Harris and Leonard Henry (Henry's only a possibility, if he doesn't get cut)

Did I miss anyone? Did we have a 2001 4th round pick? Whoever he was (if he existed), he's not on the roster and I can't remember him.
A few additional 7ths could give us more flexibility with the rookie salary cap, though not much. It mostly gets us a first chance at a few of the rookie free agents that we would be trying to sign after the draft.

I think we could get a 6 for Grant.
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