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A Pure 7th Draft Choice (unconditional) For Green...ogden Next?


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Jul 9, 2002
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Richmond VA
Dallas needs receivers badly since the Rocket went down. Isn't that where Ogden started his career? Possible trade there wwas the first thing I thought of when I saw that Rocket injury.

Other than Galloway all of the other receivers on their roster have a caught a total of 15 balls. But they do seem think Quincy/Hutchinson is the answer.... so there's no telling if they are even concerned.


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Aug 3, 2002
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Originally posted by ckparrothead
These are our repertoire of picks since Wann-Spiel took over. Notice a significant drop between the 4th and 5th round...

1st Round: Jamar Fletcher (looks like a continuance of the Jimmuh era with our 1st round picks heh)

are you kidding me? you compare jamar fletcher with John Avery and that WR who never made it through the first week of camp? I say way way off! maybe fletch wasnt the best pick at that spot(brees), but to call fletch a bust is way overboard! none, i repeat none of any of our CB's have ever done anything in there first season!! you wrote off fletcher already i guess, big mistake. some idiot must of talked you into it cus i see alot of people have written him off. big mistake considering our history.


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Jul 21, 2002
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Well you can't really call him anything but a bad pick SO FAR, I have been a big proponent of his all along, but he really hasn't played great in camp so the only you thing you have to go on is what he's done so far.

Which is really not much. BTW, Brees,Chambers, Thomas,Jordan,Bell, and many many others would have been better picks.


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
I haven't written him off because he didn't do well last year...in fact I thought he did do well. But one thing that isn't talked about when comparing him to Patrick Surtain (who is the obvious comparison because Patrick did not do much his 1st year then took over the starting job after 2nd) is the fact that at least Patrick Surtain was showing us flashes while he was in camp, both his rookie year and the next year. He had the nickel CB spot his rookie and sophomore years...played well at that nickel spot, and drew constant praise from the coaches.

Meanwhile, Jamar Fletcher just...well, he just shows marvelous inconsistency. He's not drawn praise that wasn't meant to give him more confidence (see Mel Phillips remarks). People who see him at camp don't often like what they see either. We'll see how he performs this year but he's not ON patrick surtain's same learning curve so far. He's below it. And he was a 1st round pick and a first round pick, should have contributed more, and looked better by now even if he is a CB. I'm not sayin he's necessarily a Yatil Green size bust or a John Avery sized bust (though in Avery's first year I remember a lot of people liked what they saw from him and some thought he was slated to do well his 2nd year...then we traded him for fellow 1st round bust Marcus Nash)...Jamar's not there yet. But you'd be a fool to not acknowledge the possibility at this point.

The nickel spot SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIS the moment he got here. In his 2nd year, in camp, without much competition, healthy, he still can't even solidify or hold down completely a nickel CB spot...enough to where we tried to sign Terrell Buckley.

Patrick Surtain? Not even close. Not yet anyway...


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Jul 31, 2002
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Palm Beach
We should have offered T-Buck more money to come back. If Fletcher does not improve quickly there is going to be a major problem in the Defense. The third corner is almost a starter (60% of the time on the field).
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