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AFC and NFC Rookies of the Year (merged)


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Sep 4, 2001
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Rookie of the Year

Randy McMichael is undoubtedly the steal of the 2002 draft and is going to win Rookie of the Year. The guy is a complete monster. He can catch the ball and run after the catch and catch TDs, but he is great blocker. He completely dominated Mcginnest 1 on 1 in a running play and made a few other execptional blocks along the way. Meanwhile the Pats #1 overall pick will be lucky to have as good a season as Randy had yesterday.

Can you say 4/5 for Rookie of the week ?
well there also Phillip Buchanon who a rookie CB for the raiders and Julius Pepper who had a great game. That the only contestants i see for rookie of the week. Bu tI agree the steal of the draft was mcmicheal.
Originally posted by RobertHoover
Portis in Denver may give a run this week too.
you're probably right I got carried away and blocking is not gonna earn him any points - has an OLmen ever won this ?
He did 84. One TD I think.

he had 102 on the ground and 17 in the air with that one TD
Not to throw water on your rockie of the week party but McMicheal had 26 yards on 3 catches and 1 TD. Not exactly a steller stat week.
wanny has drafted todd wade, superman, and mcmichael each of his 3 years as head coach...i'm satisfied

ps- forgot about minor, he's going to be a GOOD 3rd down back
LeCharles Bentley would win it if Offensive linemen had a chance.. 2nd round pick... he totally owned Warren Sapp in the Bucs game so Sapp had to switch sides on the DLine to get any pressure... the guy is already one of the top 4 or 5 guards in the league and will be the best center in the league ina few years when he switches over.
Actually, you're all forgetting the rookie that had the biggest impact this week: Patrick Ramsey. He came in for Danny Waffle and played an excellent game en route to a win.

As much as I love McMichael, and think that Portis and Buchannon should get some recognition for this week, I'll have to cast my vote for Ramsey.
Good point Expo, he did play a fine game. Being a QB will help his cause as well, they always get the recognition
Originally posted by RobertHoover
Never concede, remember it's a fan vote.

I'm not arguing about who will win the popularity contest. I don't know or care about that. I am conceding that based on performance Ramsey had the best week.
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