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AFC East Report Card from ESPN

Thanks good read, the guy is pretty much right on about us, but I don't think (maybe wishful thinking) it will take that long to make the top.
Wow, an ESPN writer wrote that? That was very fair and unbiased. Hell, I thouroghly enjoyed reading that.
excellent read i will tell you this it's going to be a very interesting 05 Season the fins are going to get better, so will the bills....

man I can't wait...
To comment on the content of that artical, I think what he was trying to say is that we will not be a Nick Saban style team, the kind of team that could become a dynasty, for a few years. That does not mean we will not be competitive, hell, I think we could look pretty damn good this year and really start scaring people next year. I say within the next three years we will be the team to beat. Get ready Miami, the time is coming, within the next five years the Lombardi Trophy will be held high at Dolphins Stadium
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It is very suprising to see a ESPN writer saying something good about us.
PassRush said:
Wow, an ESPN writer wrote that? That was very fair and unbiased. Hell, I thouroghly enjoyed reading that.

- The Dolphins will be better
- But it's going to take time for Saban to transform the Dolphins'
- And without a long-term answer at QB, it'll probably be a few years before the Dolphins are competing for championships

so basically hes saying:
- the fins will be improved, but wont be a contender this comming season.
- saban wont be GREAT his first season
- Feeley is not the answer at QB and Gus is not a real solution eather.

where have i heard that before???
thats what ive been saying, but it wasnt called a fair and unbiased opinion. :banana:
that wuz a great read, people always say that but this truely wuz. written by michael smith of espn! that makes sense of all the guys on around-t-horn/PTI he seems the least biased and most openminded, him and anande mabey paige 2.
BlueFin said:
Good read, somewhat conservative. I think the Patriots are in for a decline.

Yes, but the media was slow to FINALLY acknowledge the Patriots. They never picked NE to "win it all" in the past 4 years and it has bitten them 3 times. So, now the Pats are the media darlings.

Time for someone else to fly under the radar. I see a dorsal fin in the distance......
That pretty much sums up what everyone on this board has been saying over the past few months. We'll be better, as in "8-8" better, not quite a playoff team yet. Wait for 2006 for that, we'll be there!
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