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Another misguided media man.

Oh, I guess it does it on it's own huh?
There is just something wrong with that statement. I'm sorry but there's gotta be a screw loose in a man that says that.
IMHO-Fiedler is underated and he will surprise alot people this season.Even Dolphins fan don't have faith in him and what you think media does(There some exceptions)?.I feel this year Fiedler will silence all his critics.
Oh my god. I can't believe the article its some of the most one-sided pessimistic drivel I've ever seen. Its really quite ridiculous how ignorant the guy is being.

Lets put it this way. He goes ahead and says that you can win the super bowl without a great RB, but you can't win the super bowl without a great QB. Then in the same article cites the Baltimore running attack in their super bowl as being done with no-names (only the offensive rookie of the year Jamal Lewis who had like 1200 yards in 12 starts or something like that) and fails to even mention that the guy tossing the rock was TRENT DILFER.

Kerry Collins also played in that game mind you.

Tom Brady won the Super Bowl. Is he an exciting superstar QB? Hardly, he's efficient at best. Ok Kurt Warner's good. Elway was good. Brett Favre was good. Doug Williams? EH HEM. Mark Rypien? EH HEM.

This is not your father's NFL.

Also fails to mention how only 2 teams have ever won the super bowl without having a 1000 yard rusher. Eh hem.
Add Trent Dilfer to that list............
The problem is that the guy had an idea based on thought, the OJ's, Dickerson's, Anderson's didn't win SB's, great RB don't win SB's. He's right!!!!!!!!!! But of copurse great players don't win SB's, teams do. What he doesn't take into account while ripping our chances after getting RW is that this team has a superior defense, this team also now has probably one of the top 3 offensive coaches in the league. Is Jay a great QB, far from it but few are anymore. This TEAM is more then Ricky Williams.
Well folks, I like the article, wanna know why? I can now very easily add Mike Celizic to my list of idiot writers who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

In one sentence he is telling us you need a top flight QB, and in the next he brings up the Ravens, and the Patriots. Trent Dilfer, and Tom Brady. LMAO.

Jamal Lewis, and a great defense WAS the reason the Ravens won. Tell me who their receivers were please? Any pro bowlers in the lot?

Miami doesn't have great receivers? Ever here of Chris Chambers...Oronde Gadsden? If Kurt Warner didn't have Marshall Faulk, do you still think he would be sporting a S.B. ring?

How about Dan Marino...the guy had outstanding receivers in the Marks brothers...but no RB. Never won a title.

My Bet is this guy is a Jet, Buffalo, or Patriot fan, and let his homeristic side come shining through.

If we win the Super Bowl, I am going to e mail him his own article, and tell him he is an idiot.

I hope all these supposed "experts" have bibs...cause they're going to need them when the are eating their words...:evil:
I agree with you minor 100%... Jay Fiedler will play much better this season IMO. Why? Because he has a better team around him and he is a much better player compared to previous years.

If anything, Jay deserves a TON of respect. I mean, look at him. He goes to Heat games and gets booed... and yet he comes to training camp and helps the rooks out when he has free time. We've all heard of the quarterbacks that went crazy on the fans because of that.

I'm not gonna start another "Jay" thread... so I'm just gonna leave this post to what I have already... lol
DNY's right there I mean just having a great runner doesn't mean you get to the Super Bowl, but having a good running has pretty much become a pre-requesite for winning the Super Bowl.

Antowain Smith what did he have 1200 yards rushing? The team they faced had Marshall Faulk. Before that there was the Tiki-Dayne combo back when it was working, facing off against the Holmes-Lewis combo (did someone forget that Holmes rushed for 1500+ yards this year and Jamal ran for like 1200 yards the year of the Ravens Super Bowl???). Then there was Eddie George vs Marshall Faulk. Before that, it was Jamal Anderson vs Terrell Davis. Before that, Dorsey Levens vs Terrell Davis. Before that, Curtis Martin vs Dorsey Levens. Before that, ahh heck I forget...Natrone vs Hearst? Before that wasn't it back to the Emmitt vs Thurman years?

Well you guys catch my drift. The weakest RBs in there were probably Antowain and the Tiki-Dayne combo however you can't argue much with what those runners produced THAT season. So the question with Ricky doesn't become, does having a great RB guarantee you a super bowl victory, but rather does Ricky Williams really give us a good running attack? Because if he does, it satisfies a prerequisite for GETTING TO and WINNING the Super Bowl. This being a prerequisite that in 2001 we failed to satisfy though in 2000 we had going for us a little bit.
This guy is an idiot for many reasons.

But every team that has built its offense around a running back with little to back him up has failed.

Ever hear of Baltimore? Plus we have Chambers as our WR.

The last two Super Bowl champs won without big-name running backs.

What a friggin moron! Granted Smith and Lewis aren't Faulk and Jim Brown, but they(and their defenses) had outstanding years that lead their teams to the Lombardi trophy.

John Elway and Brett Favre were the reasons Denver and Green Bay won

I guess he didn't see the phenomenal seasons Terel Davis and Dorsey Levens had.

Steve Young and Joe Montana the men who made the 49ers winners.

Do the names Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters, and Roger Craig mean anything? And what about the 49er's defense?

But in the long run, getting Williams will most likely prove to have been a bad idea.

Well what would you have done you jacka$$? I want to know how a good running game is a bad idea. How would a good run game hurt a team? Please tell me.

:monkey: Mike Celizic
someone to add to the SH## list right next to our favorite writer Pete Prisco.
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