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Any UFA at LB worth pursuing


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Sep 4, 2001
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we need another LB to replace Gaylon and play S-T. I expect this to be filled via the draft or a UFA at/near the Vet. Min.

from this list of guys who might fit that bill:

that are not too many, but here is who I see:
  • Aldridge, Allen
  • Brigance, O.J. - take 2
  • Crockett, Henri -may be too good
  • Dixon, Gerald
  • Galyon, Scott (Cut) - take 2
  • Harris, Bernardo (Cut)
  • Jones, Greg anyone from Chi is possible
  • Morton, Mike
  • Woodall, Lee
Originally posted by FinaticalOne
We will draft one.
considering all 3 starters were draft picks, we've been able to do that well in the past.
I heard Wanny is not going to pursue any LB's and he is going with Greenwood and Rodgers as the starters.....IMO,he should sign at least on FA LB to provide some experience for greenwood.
we only have 6 LBs on our roster

  1. Zach
  2. Derrick
  3. Morlon
  4. Tommy Hendricks
  5. Corey Moore
  6. Twan Russell
Originally posted by VanDolPhan
Corey Moore is an intriguing prospect at backup none the less.
he is and I originally forgot about him, so I could see us waiting for the draft to get another LB (as FinaticalOne said)
Plus Jessie Tuggle is coming out of retirement and begging teams to bring him into camp. 37 years old but can definately make our team in any of the backup spots.
I agree with PHINFAN4LIFE... we should look at the draft, there is no solid LB out there
Originally posted by alpemomo
I agree with PHINFAN4LIFE... we should look at the draft, there is no solid LB out there

Word is though that it's a weak LB class this year since so many came out last year. Might not be anything but scrubs left by the time we pick in the 3rd.
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