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Anyone been to Ronnie Browns website?

Nublar7 said:
I love your sig! :D

I did a pic on his official website if you wanna look. Go to multimedia and then go to off the field pics or something. I believe it is picture number 5. I have done several, but thats just one on their site.
Great work! :cooldude:
Looks cool. I'll have to check back with it when the store is open to get me some signed stuff.
Slappy8800 said:
who are these people?


Ronnie's real father kind of deserted his family and they were very very poor. Justin is Ronnie's age and they were good friends and Justin's family pretty much offered to adopt Ronnie and Ronnie's mom let him go to give him a better life and he lived with them through Middle School & High School and what not (it may have been earlier I'm not sure when he actually moved in with them).

It's a pretty tear jerking story. He considers them both his mothers. If you noticed at draft his real mom and the lady who took him in were both there crying when he got picked.
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